Alanis Real Estate is truly located at the crossroads of real estate and charity

After all, our slogan is “Giving Back with Every Transaction”.

➡️ We take this motto a step further though. Learn more about our dual passions for giving and real estate below-

For 20+ years our founder created and maximized innovative ways to generate real estate business for REALTORs®. He spent the first half of his career making money and being successful for himself in real estate technology. Now, he wants to give back to the local community by leveraging that experience and success to create a new kind of real estate company. One that puts customers, community, and charity before profits.

➡️ The Alanis Charity Network-

At the core of Alanis Real Estate is the Alanis Charity Network (ACN). Our mission to connect charity and real estate led to the establishment of close relationships with different local charities, not for profit companies, and causes. The ACN is a proprietary network of handpicked organizations chosen by Alanis Real Estate and our clients1. Therefore, we know each charity is efficient and reputable.

The causes in our network range from animal/pet charities to medical advancement research to performing arts, education and homelessness. Don’t see your favorite local charity or cause on our list? Just let us know and we’ll look into adding your favorite local charity or cause. Here’s a quick sample of some of the categories of causes that exist.

➡️ At Alanis Real Estate ALL agents are held to a higher ethical and moral standard-

At Alanis Real Estate, our likeminded agents are hired based on a rigorous set of standards of excellence and integrity. They understand that doing an amazing job for the client, the company and the community is the best reward there can be. After all, we will be assisting you with what may likely be the largest purchase of your entire life.

All Alanis REALTORs® and staff go through a comprehensive training program. This ensures there is no question as to the level of their integrity. Their understanding and adherence to our mission is critical.

Whether you need assistance with: 1) Buying your first home 2) Upgrading to a make room for a growing family or 3) Selling your property as part of a big move cross country, an Alanis Real Estate agent will have the knowledge, integrity and expertise to assist you. The best part of course is that your transaction will result in a substantial donation made on your behalf to your favorite charity.

➡️ The Bottom Line-

The bottom line is that Alanis Real Estate donates 10% of EVERY real estate commission to a charity chosen by our client2. We believe this commitment speaks for itself. Furthermore, the donation is made “on behalf” of the client. Therefore, this means that the client gets credit for the donation. All the well deserved accolades that go along with that recognition are yours. Depending on the size of the donation, the recognition can take many forms. 1) You could receive a certificate of recognition, 2) A plaque on the wall of the charity/organization, 3) Or even a seat at the annual black tie charity ball!

And if that’s not enough, Alanis Real Estate gives 10% of our bottom line to the ACN at the end of each year2! That’s right, 10% of our annual profit also goes back to the ACN. This shows how seriously we take our commitment to the local community, our clients, and charity. Check out the ACN to see a list of each charity/cause and how much money has been donated.

➡️ The State of Charity in the United States-

Would it surprise you to know that the United States consistently ranks in the top 10% of all nations for individual charitable giving? It’s true, we should all be proud to be part of the most giving nation on the planet!

Find out how your state ranks in terms of giving:

Source: WalletHub

That’s right Minnesotans, you should be very proud! The Land of a Thousand lakes consistently ranks at the top of the list of states in multiple giving categories.  In 2017 MN came in number 3 for highest volunteer rate and number 2 for highest percent of the population that donated time.

Here’s a list of charity causes courtesy of Charity Navigator:


  • Animal Rights
  • Welfare
  • Animal Services
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Zoos and Aquariums

Arts, Culture, Humanities

  • Libraries, Historical Societies and Landmark Preservation
  • Museums
  • Performing Arts
  • Public Broadcasting and Media

Community Development

  • United Ways
  • Jewish Federations
  • Community Foundations
  • Housing and Neighborhood Development


  • Early Childhood Programs and Services
  • Youth Education Programs and Services
  • Adult Education Programs and Services
  • Special Education
  • Education Policy and Reform
  • Scholarship and Financial Support


  • Environmental Protection and Conservation
  • Botanical Gardens, Parks, and Nature Centers


  • Diseases, Disorders, and Disciplines
  • Patient and Family Support
  • Treatment and Prevention Services
  • Medical Research

Human and Civil Rights

  • Advocacy and Education

Human Services

  • Children’s and Family Services
  • Youth Development, Shelter, and Crisis Services
  • Food Banks, Food Pantries, and Food Distribution
  • Multipurpose Human Service Organizations
  • Homeless Services
  • Social Services


  • Development and Relief Services
  • International Peace, Security, and Affairs
  • Humanitarian Relief Supplies

Research and Public Policy

  • Non-Medical Science & Technology Research
  • Social and Public Policy Research


  • Religious Activities
  • Religious Media and Broadcasting

1 – Final inclusion in the ACN is at the sole description of Alanis Real Estate
2 – Final donation amounts are determined at the sole descrition of Alanis Real Estate

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Alanis Real Estate- At the Crossroads of Real Estate and Charity
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Alanis Real Estate- At the Crossroads of Real Estate and Charity
Alanis Real Estate is a different kind of real estate company located in Plymouth Minnesota that donates 10% to a local charity or cause on every transaction on behalf of the client.
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